Tips for Exterior House Painting in Melbourne

Are you thinking about hiring exterior house painting services in Melbourne? Your walls need to be prepared up before they receive a fresh coat of paint. While there are painters who would prep the walls for you, but they might charge extra for that service. In order to save some cash you should do the prep on your own. It’s not really a big deal and can help you save much needed cash. Before you hire someone for the job, make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Pressure wash the walls

Pressure washing can help get rid of the dirt and grime which accumulates over the years. The key is to wash from top to bottom in a smooth motion. Make sure to overlap the strokes for a more professional looking result.

Repair the damaged structures

The damaged structures need to be repaired before a coat of paint is applied to the walls. The cracks and crevices should be filled with plaster. The trim or the edges which are broken should be mended. Once all the necessary repair work takes place, then only should you ask the contractor to come and paint your home. Estate agents know the value of beautifully painted homes. They have a better curb appeal and always fetch a good amount.

Use a hammer to tap all the nail heads sticking out of the wall. This would allow for a cleaner and more professional looking finish.

Also keep in mind that you need to get rid of paint which is either cracking or peeling. Putting another coat of paint over it might look like a shoddy piece of work and which won’t do much for the look of your home. A good painter always make sure that the walls are peeled off the old paint so as to offer a clean surface for a fresh coat of paint. This allows the paint to adhere better.

Choosing the right paint quality

For an exterior painting job it is necessary to get hold of paint which would be best for your particular kind of walls. There are two varieties of exterior paint available in the market. These are water based paints and oil based paints. The water based paint dries quickly and is much easier to clean as well. it also has a great deal less odor. So if someone is allergic to a strong smell, they would be better off using a water based latex paint. Water based paints comprise of 100% acrylic resins.

On the other hand oil based paints need more than just soap and water to be cleaned. However most painters prefer using the oil based paint because it gives a better looking finish.

Also the price of the paint you choose is bound to vary. While price doesn’t exactly pinpoint how well a paint is going to look on the wall, high quality paint tends to be more expensive.

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