PMBOK – Time Management – ITTO

Time Management:
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Define Activities (Planning) Scope Baseline Decomposition Activity List
Enterprise Environmental Factors Rolling Wave Planning Activity Attributes
Organizational Process Assets Templates Milestone List
Expert Judgment
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Sequence Activities (Planning) Activity List Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) Project Schedule Network Diagrams
Activity Attributes Dependency Determination Project Document Updates
Milestone List Apply leads & Lags
Project Scope Statement Schedule Network Temples
Organizational Process Assets
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Estimates Activity Resources (Planning) Activity List Expert Judgment Activity Resource Requirements
Activity Attributes Alternatives Analysis Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
Resource Calendar Published Estimating Data Project Document Updates
Enterprise Environmental Factors Bottom-Up Estimating
Organizational Process Assets Project Management Software
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Estimating Activity Duration (Planning) Activity List Expert Judgment Activity Duration Estimates
Activity Attributes Analogous Estimating Project Document Updates
Activity Resource Requirements Parametric estimates
Resource Calendar Three-Point Estimates
Project Scope Statement Reserve Analysis
Enterprise Environmental Factors
Organizational Process Assets
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Develop Schedule (Planning) Activity List Schedule Network Analysis Project Schedule
Activity Attributes Critical Path Method Schedule Baseline
Project Schedule Network Diagram Critical Chain Method Schedule Data
Activity Resource Requirements Resource Leveling Project Document Updates
Resource Calendar What-if Scenario Analysis
Activity Duration Estimates Applying Leads and Lags
Project Scope Statement Schedule Compression
Enterprise Environmental Factors Scheduling Tool
Organizational Process Assets
Inputs Tools & techniques Outputs
Control Schedule (MAC) Project Management Plan Performance Reviews Work Performance Measurements
Project Schedule Variance Analysis Organizational Process Assets updates
Work Performance Information (WPI) Resource Leveling Change Requests
Organizational Process Assets What-if Scenario Analysis Project Management Plan Updates
Project Management Software Project Document Updates
Adjusting Leads and Lags
Schedule Compression
Scheduling Tool

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