Ducted Air Conditioning Toowoomba

Are you thinking about buying an air conditioner? Perhaps you have been suggested about buying ducted air conditioning system? If you aren’t too sure what it exactly is, you are at the right place.

Basically air conditioning systems are of two types. These include the split air conditioners and the ducted air conditioners. Although both can cool a room in a matter of minutes, this is perhaps the only similarity between the two. The way these both operate is hugely different.

How does ducted air conditioning systems work?

The ducted air conditioner woks through a series of ducts. It has an inner fan coil unit which is installed on the roof space of your home. Through this unit runs a series of ducts which can then be sent to any number of rooms desired by the home owner. These ducts can cool and warm each room accordingly. A thermostat placed on the wall allows users to change the temperature setting. This is one of the easiest ways of cooling the entire home. If you are having a new home constructed or your home is being renovated from scratch this kind of air conditioning should be your first choice.

However since it such a huge product it can be pretty costly. However, if budget is not an issue and if comfort is your first priority then ducted air conditioning is for you.

If you are looking to cool or warm a single room then ducted air conditioning can be pretty over the op and could make your utility bills go sky high. Something which you would like to avoid if you are on a tight budget.

Is ducted air conditioning worth installing? Here is a low down on the pros and cons of ducted air conditioning systems

The advantages of ducted air conditioning
  • Ducted air conditioning system is quite discreet. It is tucked away at the roof top and back of your room. Though if you want to maintain the visual appeal of your home, this is a great choice.
  • Provides cooling to each room in the house and the best part is that the amount of cooling for each room can be controlled with the help of a thermostat.
  • Maintains an even temperature throughout the house
The disadvantages
  • An expensive option and not good for those on a budget
  • If there is inadequate space it may be difficult to install a ducted system into the home
  • Those w desire to cool a single room only might need to pay for cooling of the entire home

The real tradeoff for ducted air conditioning is the cost and the advantages which it has over split air conditioning. When hiring a contractor to work on the air conditioning in your home, make sure you choose someone reliable. They should have the necessary experience of installing ducted systems into homes.

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