The Benefits of Timber Post and Rail Fence

Do you require a fence for marking your property? Perhaps you need a fence for keeping your cattle in? No matter what your reason for getting a fence, the best fencing is made from timber.  A timber fence is made up of perpendicular posts and horizontal railings. These can be made from other synthetic materials as well but the best ones are those which are made from timber.

The following are a few benefits of a timber post and rail fence.

Adds to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space

Fencing can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Whether your space is wide or narrow, adding a fence can create a beautiful look. Unlike other fencing which can obstruct the view while limiting trespassing, a timber post and rail fence can stop trespassers without obstructing the view of your property. This kind of fencing is durable as well. Plus the rail fencing can easily blend into the background in a subtle manner.

A cost effective way of demarcating your boundaries

Unlike other methods of demarcation which use lots of material and is time consuming. A timber post and rail fence is economical. You get o save a great deal on material because there is space between the posts and the rails. The wooden fencing is cheaper when compared to any other kind of material as well.

Timber fences are durable

Timber can take in any amount of wear and tear because of its durability. You can get a good value for your investment. It can last you for quite a long time. It is an effective tool for helping keep the cattle safe and is great for security as well.

Fast and easy installation

The best part about a timber fencing is that it’s fast and easy to install. Its simple design ensures that it is erected quickly. Plus it can be mounted permanently into the ground by making sure the poles are pushed far into the ground. This makes the fencing safe and if the space between the railings is arrowed it can provide a good way of keep trespassers at bay.

Can be customised with ease

Timber fencing can be customised easily. The rails and the poles can be modified easily. When you purchase the fencing, it’s you who decides the height and the pace between the poles and the railings. The key is to buy fencing which is easily customisable. If you choose readymade fencing you might not have much flexibility when it comes to deciding the height and space of the fencing. In case you have put up fencing for security needs, you can increase the security by adding barbed wiring to the fencing. Also you can install timber gates to protect your entrance ways.

Post and rail fencing is an economical yet classy way to add security to your property. It also requires a great deal less maintenance. In case of any damage to the fencing, it’s simple and cost effective design makes it easier and much more economical to repair.