House and Land Hervey Bay

All about House and Land Packages

A house and land package in Hervey bay is a great investment opportunity. If you are considering buying a house and land in Hervey bay you got to keep a few things in mind. Getting such a deal is quite different from purchasing a ready-made apartment or building. Also house and land offers better returns. This is because when you purchase such a package you just need to pay stamp duty on the land component. Whereas while purchasing an apartment you have to pay duty on the entire purchase price.

When looking for house and land in Hervey bay you would be given the cost of the land as well as the construction together as a single deal. But keep in mind that when you sign the package deal and submit payment you got to sign two different contracts. The land unit requires a ten percent deposit whereas the building contract requires a five percent down payment. You are better off with a house and land package because the initial capital outlay more than that of an apartment.

Things to keep in mind when buying house and land in Hervey Bay

  • When you are purchasing a house and land package you do not have immediate permission to start building. You need to wait out till the land is titled.
  • Once the land is titled it is ready for construction because it is finally in your name.
  • You can either choose to wait out for the land to be titled because it has great many benefits. You can save some extra cash during this time and also get pre ownership equity gains.
  • Also getting a pre-approval for a house and land package is straight forward when compared to getting permission for a construction only deal. With the former you simply have to pay a fixed price. This means you don’t have to go back to the bank asking for a higher loan when building is underway.
  • The new depreciation rule for investment properties makes house and land packages a more lucrative deal.

It can yield a rental of around 4 to 5%. Also there are major chances of strong capital growth of 10% per year and in some areas it tends to be higher. This is a positive sign because the demands for new homes is on the increase. You also have to invest less when compared to having to invest in a apartment or a condo. This means you are easily accessible to builders who are looking for land to build new property.

There are no hidden packages when it comes to house and land deals in Hervey bay. It is an ideal deal which is only going to benefit you as an investor in the long run.

Pergola Construction

Do pergola construction costs much?

Pergola, as an additional platform in the backyard, it provides additional relaxation area for all the members of the family.  It is also a good place to drink coffee with your hubby and chill it out with him, under a moon light.  It will surely add value to your homes

Here are some types of pergola construction available in the market:

  1. Cedar and Vinyl Pergola
  2. Redwood Pergola
  3. Fiber Glass Pergola

The types of materials commonly used to construct a pergola;

  1. Wood is the most preferred materials for the project. People love it, because of its natural appearance.  It can give your pergola a great finish, but, resistance and strength wise, it is not the best option.
  2. Metal, is the least common option for building pergolas. Many people go for the looks, but, some prefer to go for the strength. Metal can be the stronger option, but, its downside is its being prone to corrosion.
  3. PVC is also a good option. You just need to choose the thick PVC.  It can work like the wood and metal, but, it does not have the downside that two have.  It will not be affected by outside weather conditions and has a less maintenance.
  4. Break or Stone is the choice for people who want to build their pergola, as an extension to their house. This material will provide the same strength, but, the good thing is that, the maintenance is very low.

Are there many pergola builders in Australia?

Being in Australia, where a pergolas are a common feature of a house, builders can be found almost everywhere.  They can be just nearby or farther from your house, but, you will always find them with just less effort.

  1. First, referral is the best source for you. Ask your friends and your acquaintances for a referral.  They may be able to provide you one.
  2. Check the net for answers. It will provide you a list of websites.  Take the time to initiate contact with them.
  3. Talk to them and ask them for their services and if it fits your requirements.
  4. Be specific on the details for your project, ask questions if necessary and be honest on your expectation.
  5. If the budget is within your reach and the package is acceptable, go for it.

Houses are our priced property and all we want is to keep its value and even add more to it.  Pergola is one way to add value to your homes.  If only you have the budget, it will be a good try to install a pergola in your home.

It will not only add value to your home, but, gives you more functionality, while at home.  It will improve your relationship with your family, because it will create more activities and bonding moments for all of you.

Pergola also provides you with additional space, where you can watch over your children play in the backyard.  They can also be a good place for you to entertain visitors, away from being disturbed by children.

Increase in building rights: a proposal for a law aims to repeal

On May 29, Senator Philippe Kaltenbach (PS) tabled a bill that seeks to repeal the increase in building fees published in the Official Journal on March 21st. It had been voted under the Sarkozy government to boost housing construction. Explanations.

The law n ° 2012-376 of March 20th, 2012 relative to the increase of the rights to be built, which foresees that the real estate developers and the operators of HLM can build 30% of additional surfaces on the same ground, returns to the agenda . Announced on January 31 by Nicolas Sarkozy, the increase of the COS of 30% caused much ink. The Head of State at the time then gave this example: “Concretely, you have a pavilion in the suburbs, and in the suburbs, you will have the right to build 30% more on this pavilion (…) You are a community, you have a land where there is 1,000 m2 of right to build, and well, you will have the right to build 1,300 m2 “. While some had rather welcomed the measure – such as the FFB saw this as an interesting way to build more – most players in the construction sector had stood up against the new device. “Contradictory with the policy of urban sprawl “, had thus blown France Nature Environment.” A false good idea, because one knows that it is the prices of the ground which will arbitrate “, estimated the Unsfa. In addition, this law of State , with a single article that does not require an implementing decree, however, gives the right to municipalities to oppose this provision only by voting an express deliberation to this effect.

A ” useless ” law

The subject comes back to the heart of the news with the filing, on May 29, by Senator-Mayor Philippe Kaltenbach (PS) a proposed law “tending to repeal the increase in the rights to build”. Fiercely opposed since the beginning to this law, he denounces a text that ” does not solve anything ” of the housing problem and is even “dangerous”. Before confiding in us: ” This is not a serious mode of operation for a modern urbanism “. Thus, he points to the time constraints imposed on municipalities to decide on the increase request files (date of the rendering of the consultation fixed on September 20, 2012, note), as well as the introduction of an ” unhealthy relationship “. between the State and the communes. “[…] instead of having the right to choose whether they wish to increase the constructability, the communities now only have the freedom to refuse to apply this increase “, writes the senator in his proposal. And to explain that there are already devices to increase the coefficient of land occupation and that it is therefore ” redundant with existing law ”

By tabling this proposal to repeal the law n ° 2012-376 of March 20, 2012, Philippe Kaltenbach wishes above all to ” alert the government and fuel the debate “. According to him, Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Prime Minister, is already planning to ” deal with the issue“. Pending the resumption of parliamentary business from June 26, the mayor of Clamart hopes that the repeal will occur before September … To follow.

How to build an agricultural building? (advice, practical guide)

Nowadays, if a farmer wants to build farm buildings, he must know that he is embarking on a real obstacle course. If he thinks more about the practical aspect of new installations, he must also take into account the standards in force, whether for the respect of the environment or the well-being of the animals among others.

The needs of the farmer

The farmer must first think about what he expects from the construction of a new building. Perhaps he has mechanized more and the construction of a shed would suffice. Perhaps it has increased the area of ​​plantations and an agricultural shelter is needed to store its fodder. It is possible that the number of his animals has increased and the stable is too small. Whatever the need, the farmer must get information within his profession and from specialized firms to see all the possibilities of the market able to meet his expectations. He can also have a building estimate made by different companies and compare. He will also have to think about finances and see if his income can cope with the investment because the cost of an agricultural building is high especially if it envisages a complete construction. Thinking about the needs and the means to satisfy them is therefore the first step, but not the least because it puts into play the future of the farmer and his family.

Setting up the project

After a longer or shorter period of reflection, the farmer can move forward and consider his projects in all aspects. The construction will have to meet many requirements. Those of the farmer who want to work more rationally in a pleasant environment, those neighbors who do not want to be inconvenienced by bad smells, those of the authorities who demand on one side the welfare of the animals, but also the integration of new construction with the landscape of the place and respect for the environment through appropriate measures. A whole team is needed to take up the challenge and complete the project. The first person to contact is a CAUE advisor (architecture, planning and environment councils). One of his duties is to drive the farmer to the professionals as well as the competent bodies. A building consultant will serve as a link between the farmer and the architect because he knows both of them very well. He also helps the farmer with everything that is administrative. The architect takes care of the building itself while taking into account the imperatives of the place. He must make every effort to ensure that the new building meets the wishes of the farmer while respecting the standards imposed. occupies the building itself while taking into account the imperatives of the place. He must make every effort to ensure that the new building meets the wishes of the farmer while respecting the standards imposed. occupies the building itself while taking into account the imperatives of the place. He must make every effort to ensure that the new building meets the wishes of the farmer while respecting the standards imposed.