Blocked Drains

There are systems in our houses that we just assume will continue to function as always. We take their functionality for granted. One such method is our plumbing. It serves one of the most essential jobs in our homes, providing us with clean water and eliminating our dirty water. However simple this task seems to be, a malfunction can be catastrophic. One of the most common malfunctions facing your plumbing system is a blocked drain. If you are concerned about facing blocked drains in Gold Coast, there are a few things you can do to manage and prevent drains and a few ways to treat them, with the aid of a plumber, to ensure you get everything running smoothly in your house.

Causes and Prevention of Blocked Drains

  • Very rarely does just water makes its way through our drains. If water were the only thing, we’d have almost no issues for clogged or blocked drains. In our bathrooms, it is primarily hair that can cause problems in your drain. In the kitchen, a wide array of grease and food particles makes its way down. This food can easily cause blockages and pipes.
  • There are at home prevention tricks you can do to help avoid the headache of a blocked drain. Some of these are simple and will help keep your pipes running as smoothly as possible. This can include avoiding disposing of cooking oils and grease in the sink. These can cause substantial problems. Using and sending baking soda and vinegar down the drains can help break up the start of clogs before they really start. In terms of the bathroom, there are devices that can be inserted into drains to help catch some of the hair. However effective these can be, none of these tricks will stop all clogs.
  • The best way you can work to prevent these drain clogs is having a professional plumber come out and perform a routine drain cleaning. This is a kind of tune-up service that can help maintain your drain systems and prolong the time between any serious clogs or service.

Handling a Clog Once It Happens

If the worst happens and you need to be calling a plumber, there are a few things that they will be able to do to resolve the problem.

  • First and foremost, a plumber may try a good old fashioned plunger, even if you’ve probably tried that. This can be the first plan of attack and is likely the first thing a professional plumber will try. However, odds are that you have also tried this tactic and the clog is beyond this method.
  • The next thing that a plumber will do is to diagnose the problem. These days, it can be done with modern technology, using a camera. This gives the plumber a true view of the source of the clog.
  • The most common and powerful tool to address a clog will be a water jet. The jet is lowered to the point of the blockage, and then a high-pressure jet of water will blast away the drainage at the source of the problem.
  • Lastly, a professional plumber should then send the camera back down the drain to ensure the blockage has been completely handled. This should then confirm that the obstruction has been entirely diagnosed and removed.

While a blocked drain can be a severe problem, professional plumbers can help prevent them with routine maintenance and address the issue once they take root.

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