"the art of project management. A mixture of administration, planning, experience, analysis, people-skills, political wrangling, leadership and a little bit of luck"

Welcome, this site offers resource materials on project management; in particular for Australian Project Managers. Yes, this is an Australian centric project management site. In particular, the training section aims to guide you through the maze of project management training and certification from an Australian perspective. You can find quick links to Australian AIPM/PMI events and meetings here.

This site provides a self paced learning resource which will enable you to learn the principles of project management in your own time. Alternatively, you can use the site as a resource for tools and links to other project management resources.

You'll find links to project management training courses and other related sites. Check out the site map to get a complete list of articles and resource areas. As mentioned, check out the scheduled Project Management Events and Meetings in Australia. You can also register with us and gain access to an extensive collection of project management training material (Over a 200 pages of free material).

Lastly you can find information about our associated project management and consulting services, and assessment services.

Are you an experienced project manager, but lack qualifications or certification? If you are looking for formal PM certification and qualifications, seeking to update your skills or looking to become a Certified Project Manager? If so, then our competency assessment services may be for you. Our system will optimize both your time and professional recognition.

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)

Successful project management requires that all Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) knowledge areas (scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, project integration) be managed effectively. These are covered throughout the site along with information about PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) .

For every successful project manager there will be a contingent of team members, easily recognised for their own accomplishments and value.

There are many different types of businesses and they all can benefit from professional project management.